Grip fitness is a 24/7 gym. We offer spacious areas for all training types. With a massive floor space we have room for everyone! Grip fitness aims to cater for all fitness types by providing a wide range of equipment including a huge range of cardio and resistant equipment and more. Feel free to come in and check it out.

Area 1. Cardio



Grip Fitness has created a cardio area to accommodate everyone. No need to feel intimidated anymore!!

With our cardio area partitioned off from the rest of the gym, members can focus on the one thing that matters.. TRAINING!!


Treadmills, rowers, spin bikes, elipticals, recumbent bikes and steppers are available with tv's to entertain and take your mind off the minutes.

There are a number of machines provided so no more time wasting waiting for a machine.


Area 2. Resistance



Sick of waiting for a free bench? We've designed a spacious area with lots of benches flat and incline/decline to solve that problem.


We have Hex dumbbells from 1kg- 10kg and the Pro round dumbbells from 12.5kg- 50kg

No need to worry that your hogging all the plates as we have 500kg's of Bumper plates as well as fixed barbells 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50kg.


Kettlebells 4kg- 32kg also available.

Area 3. Classes



Gone are the days of being squished in like sardines and not being able to work up a proper sweat or  walking away feeling like you could do another workout after participating in a group class, Grip Fitness class area is enormous!!!!!

Privately sectioned off away from the rest of the gym and fitted out with high quality rubber flooring.


Area 4. Freestyle Area

Last but not least our freestyle area. This is a long clear area that can be used for numerous purposes.
Long enough for walking lunges, lateral jumps, sled runs, bear crawls and much more.

We also have Boxing bags, speed balls, floor to ceiling bags, speed ropes, plyo boxes, gym rings and much more.